The Pray, Invite, Bring, Serve Strategy

The recommended invitation strategy for the event is designed around a personal invitation.

To put it in perspective, over 80% of those who respond to the gospel message at Harvest events were brought by a friend or family member!

The three simple steps are:

  • Pray for those you know who do not yet have a personal relationship with Christ.
  • Invite those you have been praying for to your Harvest America host location.

    There are many different ways to invite people to attend Harvest America with you—such as your host location's Harvest America printed invite, calling and inviting them, sending a text message, using social media, or making use of the Harvest America e-vite.

    The more personal the method, the better—and sometimes using multiple methods serves as a good reminder.

  • Bring those you have been praying for to your Harvest America site—and then bring them to your church on the Sunday following Harvest America.

    Offering to pick someone up and bring them to the event is an effective means of making sure they attend. You not only help them get there, but you help make sure they don't forget or get distracted by something else.

  • Serve is the final component of a successful Harvest America host site.

    Every host site must have people who are willing to serve. There may be a need for parking attendants, greeters, or ushers, so consider promoting this need to your congregation and set up an opportunity for them to be trained leading up to your Harvest America event.

    One opportunity that every host site needs to prepare for is following up with those who hear the message of the gospel and respond by committing their lives to the Lord. As this takes place, be prepared to have some people available to serve those who just made the commitment by walking them through what it means to be a Christian and giving them some next steps. More information and follow-up resources can be found here.