How do I delay the start of the simulcast?

Most live feed types have obvious playback controls. You can simply scrub the timeline and use the play/pause controls to jump into the video at the appropriate times, as long as you begin playback within 24 hours of the broadcast.

Using the Video Player Application on a computer is different, however, because the controls are hidden and there are keyboard shortcuts you can use. Follow the instructions below to delay the broadcast using the Video Player Application. Press "?" while playing the video to see a list of the shortcuts mentioned in the steps below.

  • Press "c" to show the on-screen controls.
  • After the event has started, press "s" to go to the start of the DVR buffer (may include a countdown video).
  • Pressing the space bar or clicking on the pause icon at the left end of the scrub bar will pause the video (or start playing again, if paused).
  • Clicking anywhere in the scrub bar will take you to that point in the video (as you hover the mouse in the scrub bar, it shows the time at that location).