Discipleship Guidelines

If the person you are contacting is already attending a Bible-teaching church, make no efforts to have them change churches. Inform them of your church's services times, special events, and new believer classes. We are attempting to build up the "body of Christ," not any particular church.

  • Contact within three days of the event.
  • Do not contact anyone before 9:00 A.M. or after 9:00 P.M.
  • Call when you have plenty of time to talk.
  • Do not contact any children who are 12 years old or younger.
  • Pray before and after contact.
  • Contact each person once a week for three weeks. Make at least three attempts to contact them. Your first attempt should always be a phone call. If you can't reach the person via phone call, then try text and e-mail.

Points to remember when making contact:

  • Mention their commitment at the event, and the church you are representing.
  • Be sensitive, friendly, and focus the conversation on their new life in Christ.
  • Be excited with them. They're a brand-new creation in Christ or newly rededicated.
  • Talk in a language they can understand; they may have little or no Bible knowledge.
  • Ask open-ended questions and then listen for their response. For example:
    • What led you to the Harvest event?
    • Did Pastor Greg say something in particular that "hit home"?
    • Have you told anyone about your decision to follow Christ?
  • Be sure to provide the following information in your conversation:
    • Invite them to the new believer classes at your church.
    • Let them know about the different programs that they can become involved in (women's or men's Bible studies, home studies, youth groups, singles' group, etc.)
  • Encourage them to pray, read the Word, fellowship with other believers, and tell others about their decision to follow Christ.
  • End with a short prayer.
  • If they have problems that you cannot address, direct them to the church for guidance. Pray with them about the specific problem.
  • Fill out an information sheet on each person you contact. Turn in these sheets to your church's Follow-Up Coordinator.