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Pastor Greg Laurie
Chris Tomlin
Chris Tomlin
Phil Wickham
Phil Wickham
Free Admission (No Tickets)
Gates Open:
Parking Open:
5:30 (No Live Stream)
Event Time:
6:00 - 8:00pm (Central)
Sign Language & Spanish (In Stadium Only)
Related Events:
Crossover events June 8-9

Venue information

AT&T Stadium

1 AT&T Way, Arlington, TX 76011 USA

"Greg Laurie is not only a personal friend, but is one of the great communicators of the gospel of Jesus Christ in our generation. They have written him up to be the evangelist of the future and he is. I highly recommend him."
Billy Graham

Billy Graham, Evangelist and Author

"Greg Laurie is a dynamic pastor, gifted evangelist, and trusted friend. Prestonwood is thrilled to be an anchor church in Harvest America. I hope you will be a part of this amazing opportunity too."
Dr. Jack Graham

Dr. Jack Graham, Senior Pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church

"When it comes to reaching the lost, I’m grateful that every generation has a Billy Graham, and Greg Laurie is a Billy Graham to our generation. Gateway Church wholeheartedly supports Harvest America, and I would encourage every pastor and church to partner with them to reach their cities for Christ."
Robert Morris

Robert Morris, Founding Senior Pastor, Gateway Church

"God has mightily used Greg in so many different ways and at many different venues. Because of him, many people are in the kingdom through Harvest America, the crusades, a dynamic church, a great testimony, a great man. I pray that you will join me and partner in this years Harvest America outreach."
Dr. Tony Evans

Dr. Tony Evans, Senior Pastor, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

"I couldn't be more excited about the upcoming Harvest event and love the Harvest model. You can bring your neighbor or family member, listen to the gospel of Jesus Christ be preached and proclaimed faithfully, and then you can follow up with them. I couldn't encourage you more to come sit in and listen to the gospel message being proclaimed here in Dallas, Texas."
Matt Chandler

Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor, The Village Church

"Greg Laurie has been my friend for many years, and in that time I've seen God work through Greg's evangelistic preaching to reach thousands upon thousands of lives for Jesus Christ. Hosting Harvest America in your church is a unique and powerful way for the gospel to reach people in your community too."
James MacDonald

James MacDonald, Senior Pastor, Harvest Bible Chapel

"There is no questions that Greg Laurie is making a huge impact for Christ and that lives are being changed by the thousands through Harvest America. If you are a follower of Jesus, this is the perfect opportunity to invite someone who doesn't know Christ to hear about the life transforming power of the Gospel."
Craig Groeschel

Craig Groeschel, Senior Pastor, Life Church

"Greg Laurie’s focus on the Gospel is why so many Southern Baptist churches and pastors have been involved with Harvest over the past 25 years . . . I strongly encourage you to get involved as well."
Kevin Ezell

Kevin Ezell, SBC North American Mission Board President

"Greg Laurie has been serving the Lord evangelistically since the early 1970s, when God changed his life during the Jesus Movement in Southern California. God has gifted Greg to give a clear, passionate, biblical presentation of the gospel. God uses him to call people to faith in Christ. I hope that you will invite your lost friends to this event, so that they can be saved."
Steve Gaines

Steve Gaines, Senior Pastor, Bellevue Baptist Church, Current President of the Southern Baptist Convention

"Harvest Crusades really helped renew in our church a passion to reach our city. We are still benefiting from the vision for evangelism and empowerment in disciple-making they helped lead us into! I don't know any other way of saying it besides, 'This strategy still works!'"
JD Greear

JD Greear, Senior Pastor, The Summit Church

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Harvest America?

Harvest America is a free nationwide simulcast event featuring top Christian musicians and a clear gospel presentation from Greg Laurie.

Our vision is to partner with churches and individuals throughout the nation to create settings where communities can join together and invite their friends and relatives to comfortably come and hear a clear and precise presentation of the gospel, respond to its message, and be given direction and materials to assist in their new faith. To learn more about what Harvest America is, click here.

Who is Greg Laurie?

Greg Laurie is the speaker at all Harvest events and Senior Pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship. Find out more about Greg Laurie.

What happens at a Harvest America event?

A standard event runs something like this: Worship begins with a "house band," which plays contemporary worship for all ages, followed by music from popular guest musicians. Then Pastor Greg Laurie gives a clear and relevant evangelistic message from the Bible. Pastor Greg will invite those who would like to receive Christ as Lord and Savior to get out of their seats and stand in front of the screen/stage. After a brief explanation, he will pray with those who have come forward to receive Christ.

How much does it cost to attend?

Harvest America is free and open to the public. You do not need a ticket or registration to attend Harvest America.  

However, AT&T  Stadium does charge $10.00 per car for parking. Buses* are $50.00.

*Any vehicle with 15 or more seats will be charged as a “bus parking fee”. For more information, please see AT&T Stadium's Parking website.


When is the best time to arrive at the stadium?

Because Harvest America has open seating with no tickets, many people choose to come early to get in line at the stadium for a closer seat to the stage. We want to facilitate smooth entry for everyone, so here is some information to help you decide when you will arrive on June 10th:

At 12:00pm AT&T Stadium Parking opens. Tailgating on the grass at Lot #10 is permitted. Lines around the outside patio entrances will be forming.

From 1:30pm-3:30pm the security check gates into the outer patios open to the public. This is the best time to enter, because the people who are inside the outer patios by 3:30pm will be the first allowed into the stadium to find seating. People who are not through security before 3:30pm will have to wait until the outside patios are cleared to go through security and enter the stadium.

At 3:30pm the stadium gates are open to find seating. Reserving seating is not permitted. Music will be playing and the usual stadium concessions will be available. Pre-Concert begins at 5:30pm and the stadium will settle into final seating arrangements. Then, Harvest America begins at 6:00pm!

Can we tailgate in AT&T Stadium Parking Lot?

Yes, at 12:00pm the AT&T Stadium Parking opens and tailgating is permitted on the grass at Lot #10. 

Please read AT&T Stadium's Tailgating guidelines on their Parking web page. 

What can I bring with me into the stadium?

In an effort to enhance public safety, AT&T Stadium has a security policy that limits items allowed into the stadium. You may bring a clear plastic water bottle that is still factory sealed. No open bottles will be allowed entry. You may bring clear bags or small clutch purses in aprooved sizes shown below.

Strolers and umbrellas are not allowed inside the gates. An exception will be made for medically necessary items after proper inspection at the entry gates. For more information, please see AT&T Stadium's bag policy.

How can I sign-up to volunteer at the stadium?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Harvest America. We are grateful to have you serve with us at the stadium! Check out the volunteer positions here on our website serve.harvestamerica.com

Does Harvest America provide translation?

We provide Spanish Translation and Sign Language Interpretation for those who attend Harvest America live at AT&T Stadium. We do not provide translation for the simulcast; Host sites and individuals are welcome to arrange a translator for their specific needs. 

What hotels are near AT&T Stadium?

Please Note: Harvest Ministries does not specifically endorse or promote any of the following businesses nor do we receive any form of compensation for use of the vendors specified. All content below is provided merely for informational purposes.

Harvest America Rate *

Can those unable to attend a local Harvest America event watch from home?

Yes, visit the Ways to Watch page to see your options.


When does the Harvest America live simulcast start in my time zone?

The Harvest America simulcast goes live in Texas at 6:00pm Central Daylight Time. Check the map below for the event's start time in your time zone. 

Will the musicians advertised be part of the simulcast at every location?

It is up to each host to decide whether to show the music from the live event, or bring in artists for live music at their individual location.

Does Pastor Greg Laurie get paid to speak at Harvest America events?

Pastor Greg receives no compensation for speaking at Harvest America.

Does Harvest Ministries profit financially from these events?

No. Harvest Ministries is one of the largest contributors of staff and finances for these events, and generally underwrites a portion of the event in addition to the direct costs to our organization.

How are Harvest America events paid for?

The budget for Harvest America is funded by Harvest Ministries, gifts from private donors and businesses from throughout the nation, and various churches that have chosen to partner with us to cover the costs. If you are interested in learning about how you or your church can partner with us in funding this outreach, please e-mail us at support@harvestamerica.com.

Each host site will be asked to participate in the freewill offering that will be held during each outreach. The funds raised through this will be applied directly to the Harvest America budget.

Harvest Ministries is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so gifts to Harvest Ministries are fully tax-deductible as allowed by law.

To learn more about supporting Harvest America, please visit the Donate page.

What happens when someone comes forward to accept Christ at a Harvest America event?

Someone making a profession of faith in Christ is paired up with a Decision Follow-Up Worker and receives a Start! Bible New Testament (or a similar Bible if the host location has chosen to use a different New Believer’s Bible). The Decision Follow-Up Worker prays with and encourages the new believer. He or she also documents the person’s decision to follow Christ. The documentation is given to a local church representative on the night of Harvest America. Within 48 hours of the outreach, local churches mail letters and make phone calls to the new believers. To ensure the success of this step, Harvest Crusades utilizes mailings and other resources to encourage the local churches to follow up with all new believers. Harvest also has follow-up curriculum available for churches that haven’t yet developed their own.

What does the term "profession of faith" mean? Is it the same as a conversion?

We believe that only God has the power to "convert" a heart to Himself. We use the term "profession of faith" to indicate that a person made a public, formal profession of a desire to follow Christ and live by His Word (whether that be a first-time commitment or a recommitment). While many of these people will be discipled, grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, and bear lasting fruit, we know that this is a matter of the heart and some will not continue on in the Christian faith (see Matthew 13). This is the reason that there is a follow-up process in place—to ensure that as many as possible are given all the tools and biblical counsel that they need, and are also prayed for.

Can I get evangelism training from Harvest?

Harvest Ministries is committed to helping people know God and make Him known. That is why we have developed a free online course called Tell Someone — taught by pastor, author, and evangelist Greg Laurie. May God bless you as you honor Him and share the Good News of Jesus Christ!

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